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Legacy Wealth Strategies, LLC is a firm committed to providing strategies that are necessary for the long term creation of and preservation of wealth. 

Regardless of the particular interest involved, personal, small business, or corporate, our strategies are designed with the entity in mind.  That is why it is very rare for any two clients or cases to be exactly alike. 

In a world of " one size fits all " attitude, we find it necessary to perform full holistic discovery with each entity and design wealth solutions that are tailored to the exact circumstances involved.  

In addition, we build in more access to wealth, more safety of wealth, and flexibility to make ongoing changes without the handcuffs typically applied by the financial services industry.

Our associates are carefully selected based on background, education, character and integrity. In addition to using highly qualified personnel and consulting services in identifying our future associates, we carefully hand select who we bring in to the firm and make sure they represent our clients and do so with utmost privacy and respect.

Founder Elisia " Leah" Lattimer of Legacy Wealth Strategies, LLC, with over 21 years experience in the industry has endured the test of time. 

Ms. Lattimer has proven time and time again that the strategies being used by her firm stand head and shoulders above the rest in our industry.

In a time of tremendous uncertainty, she brings a calming and calculated approach to the future. The ongoing training and support she provides for each of her associates is motivated to continue their education and the procurement of credentials needed to provide expert advice to their clients. 

Recognized as one of the most successful and persevering professionals in the financial services industry it goes without saying that her firm represents the  very things she stands for.